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ABOUT exomod

In the auto industry, a “retromod” refers to a vehicle that has been modified or customized with modern features and technologies while retaining a distinct retro or classic appearance.

Our production team has more than 50 years of experience in the muscle car industry, building some of the world’s finest and highest-scoring concourse restorations and custom Restomods. We saw a need for something new and different in approaching custom car building.

After completing a no-expense-spared ProTouring build, using the very best of aftermarket parts, at the end of the day we found that it was still 50+-year-old technology that proved finicky, unreliable, and less than enjoyable to drive. We believed the elusive car was within our reach, that quintessential combination of reliability and high-performance coupled with the iconic looks of America’s most beloved muscle cars.

We hand build a bespopke carbon fiber body enveloping the SRT Dodge Hellcat powertrain.

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rick katzeff, ceo

Rick is a real passionate car builder and collector. He has been responsible for countless, over-the-top attention-to-detail, O.E. Concourse Gold restorations, plus high-end Restomod builds.

His restorations have won accolades and prestigious awards at many national events, such as GoodGuys Car Show, Pleasanton, CA. In addition, they won the first Meguiar’s Magnificent Masterpiece awarded for an O.E. Restored car with a butterscotch-colored 1969.5 Dodge Super Bee A12. Is it any wonder that judges, and Mopar aficionados at MCACN, Chrysler Nationals, and Mopar NATS, have applauded the high level of his restorations?


Scott has been obsessed with cars since he received his first Hot Wheels at age three. He became a metal genius in high school and has honed his skillset over the last 35 years. A true perfectionist, he has been working in the autobody industry for almost three decades, and he is known for exemplary fit and finish and highly detailed custom work. Scott is the chief designer and runs the production team at eXoMod. 

Jose Meza, Creative director

Jose is based out of Scottsdale, AZ and is our creative director. He handles photography, videography and graphic design. His video editing and branding skillset is second to none. Jose designed our current logos.


As a natural-born athlete, Hillary’s love for cars is subsequent, with a passion that outperforms the competition. A real modern-day Dodge gal, Hillary embodies the iconic Charger, exuding its raw power, style, and performance. Playing with Hot Wheels as a kid, she quickly fell in love with American Muscle and the cultural significance of its era. As an artist, Hillary appreciates a timeless and alluring Retromod, with sleek lines and an aggressive grill.